Chirpy's in Germany!

This time, our intrepid chick has travelled to Germany on the ferry!

Chirpy has gone by ferry to Germany, and you can too! With stunning scenery, bustling cities, Christmas markets and an endless supply of bratwurst, there really is something for everyone!

Brittany Ferries

Berlin will knock your socks off!

Can you see Chirpy's socks? Well there you go! You too can visit the world-famous Brandenburg Gate and take in the stunning Reichstag Building and the Tiergarten, and Chirpy loves to wet his beak with a cold beer next to Checkpoint Charlie. The city’s main attractions are all accessible on foot, and there are great bus and train links: perfect for when your little ducks are getting tired!


Chirpy was blown away by Bavaria!

Blue skies, crystal-clear lakes, medieval towns and vibrant cities: Bavaria will suprise you! Almost completely destroyed in two World Wars, Munich has recreated much of its Bavarian past, and of course the legendary Oktoberfest is hard to resist! Explore King Ludwig II's "Fairytale Castle" of Neuschwanstein, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, or have fun with all the family at the Ravensburger Themepark.

Cologne's Christmas Market

Each December there's nothing Chirpy likes more than to waddle around Cologne's Christmas Market, and marvel at the stunning high gothic Cathedral. A much newer and more unusual tourist attraction is Hohenzollern Bridge: decorated with 40,000 engraved padlocks by couples who have "locked in their love" and thrown away the keys! Finish off your day at a brewhouse to sample the local Kölsh.