With over 160 years of experience, Wightlink ferries carry over 5.5 million passengers every year across the Solent to the Isle of Wight.


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From the early days of steam travel to the latest passenger ferries, the company now known as Wightlink have been connecting mainland England with the Isle of Wight by ferry for more than 160 years and today they are one of the UK’s largest ferry companies. Wightlink ferries to and from the Isle of Wight run up to 150 times a day in high season across 3 routes: Portsmouth to Fishbourne, Lymington to Yarmouth and Portsmouth to Ryde. Wightlink's fleet includes modern car ferries (Lymington to Yarmouth, Portsmouth to Fishbourne) and high-speed foot passenger catamarans (Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier).

Wightlink are part of Island life, every year they carry more than 4.6 million locals, festival-goers and holiday-makers to and from the island.

Wightlink - Routes

Timetables Number of Crossings Duration
Portsmouth - Fishbourne up to 38 per Day approx. 45 mins
Fishbourne - Portsmouth up to 39 per Day approx. 45 mins
Portsmouth Harbour - Ryde up to 32 per Day aprrox. 22 mins
Ryde - Portsmouth Harbour up to 32 per Day approx. 22 mins
Lymington - Yarmouth up to 17 per Day approx. 40 mins
Timetables Number of Crossings Duration
Yarmouth - Lymington up to 17 per Day approx. 40 mins

Wightlink FAQs

What does my Wightlink crossing price include?
The price you are quoted is for all passengers in your vehicle including the driver. If you have added a pet, this will also be included in the price.
Can my pet travel with Wightlink?
You can take your cat or dog on your Wightlink sailing. When you select your preferred route, simply select the number of dogs or cats that you are travelling with. See our pet booking page for more information.

Wightlink - Pet Booking Information

Note, you don’t need a Pet Passport or special travel documents to take your pet to the Isle of Wight, or onboard Wightlink ferries. The Isle of Wight is one of the UK’s most dog friendly destinations.

To add your cat or dog to your Wightlink booking, when you select your preferred route, simply add the number of dogs or cats that you will be travelling with.

If your pet is prone to unpredictable behaviour in new environments, around new people or other pets then you must leave them in your car during the journey. Remember to keep a window slightly open and make water available. If they are OK with new people and environments, Wightlink have dedicated pet areas on all their car ferries - just follow the signs once you are onboard. There is a comfortable lounge inside the ship as well as access to our sun decks outside for walkies. Registered guide dogs are permitted in all onboard lounges.